BCIEBachuan International Education

Newopen Group was established in 1993, is awarded Chinese Famous Brand and ranked in top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises. Newopen Group has gained national fame for its education and real estate business. Newopen Group is consisted by Newopen Education Group, Education Service Group and Industrial Development Group.

Bachuan International Education (BCIE) belongs to Newopen Education Group, it’s one of the leading company of K12 education in China, owns 9 middle schools, 4 primary schools and 31 kindergartens.

With the development strategy of 331, Newopen Group will establish a business scope centered by education town, focus on 3 metropolitan of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, and make international layout in Europe, Australia and North America.

To forge the brand of Bachuan System in Chinese Education, and establish the Global Education Development Alliance, to create international mobile classes and practice boundless study.

GEDAGlobal Education Development Alliance

  • To Match With The International Resources
  • To Establish GEDA
  • To Integrate With The International Curriculum
  • To Implement The Global Mobile Classes
  • International Structure

  • International Concept

  • International Teaching Staff

  • International Qualifications

331 strategic layout
Integration of Education
Integration of the World

Implementation of 331 strategy, establish a business scope centered by “Newopen Education Town”

Domestically focusing on 3 metropolitan of Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing

Internationally layout in Europe, Australia and North America.

6 education center in Asia, Europe, Australi and North America

20 international educational camps

US Bachuan Middle School-Florida Preparatory Academy

100% admittance to world’s top 30 Universities for Bachuan International Elite Class students

The Whole World Is
Our Textbook

12 educational system--perfect connection for growth, customized education planning

Reform in organization pattern--mini class, mix age, study academy

Project oriented teaching method--task solving to enhance study by self-exploration

Trimester system and international mobile class--domestic and international traveling and research in the 3rd semester

Top International Experts
Leading Education of BCIE

Zuming Feng

Head coach of US National Team of Math Olympiad, chief math teacher of Phillips Exeter Academy, founder of IDEA Math

Xifan Liu

Well known STEAM expert in US, member of consulting committee of US College Board, member of policy makers for SAT, PSAT and AP exams

Jerry A. Pieh, EdD

Senior principle of Milton Academy in US, master and doctor degree holder in education from Harvard University, board chairman of Maine School of Science & Mathematics in US

Marshall D. Willman

Senior professor of New York Institute of Technology, guest professor of National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University, Peking University.

Advanced Global
Education Qualifications

International course and testing center for A-Level

Institute of British vocational diploma and academic testing of Edexcel

Linguistic testing center for Brunel University of Great Britain

Designated school for Euclid Math Contest of Canada

Selection center for Cambridge University in China

Advanced STEAM course system in China

Examination and certification by AIAASC of United States

League member of GAC International University Preparatory courses

Certification of dual recognition by China and US in Bachuan FPA in Florida

Student pool for over 60 top universities from the world

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