Bachuan International High School

Bachuan International High School is the 1st in China, 2nd in Asia High School for Mathematics and Physics. It is a STEAM school which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Arts. 

Bachuan International High School has led in the international education resources, with specialized overseas teaching staff. Professor Jerry A. Pieh has been invited to become the US headmaster of the school, who is the senior principle of the famous Milton Academy of US, which is named “attached middle school of Harvard University”. Besides, Mr. Feng Zuming, the head coach of US National Mathematical Olympiad has is the dean of our Math department ; Mr. Feng Xifan, Professor of Oklahoma University and vice principle of Oklahoma High School for Mathematics and Physics is the education consultant for out science subjects.

The full English courses has also created the spirit of self study and critical minds of the students, they will be more prepared to become the future leader mastering bilingual negotiations skills, team cooperation and social responsibilities.